Lilith is a young girl who's barely a teenager, standing relatively short, slightly over four and a half feet tall with straight black hair coming down just past her shoulders. Her skin remains somewhat pale in comparison the the bronze that's common from



Strategy – Expert

Necromancy magic – Extreme

Mass Combat Capibilities

Lilith works best in a logistic position, offering advice to the actual leader. Within combat, she’s a terrifying sight to behold, watching individual targets’ blood vessels burst violently or, in some cases, outright removing entire organs with a thought.

Statistically, she counts as an elite Battle Mage with state-of-the-art equipment, despite not having any actual gear for her own personal use. Additionally, she only provides healing support. Troop Strength: 12.5



Cool and collected, she’s a multifaceted person. On the surface, she appears to be absolutely cold and uncaring, but the truth seems to be more than that. Preferring to remain uninvolved in most matters, she quickly becomes irritated if her intervention is required. She’s slow to anger and slow to trust, but refuses to lie in all be the most extreme circumstances.


Lilith loves novelty. She will live in the moment when around people that she considers to be friends and quickly becomes frustrated with those who see only the future or refuse to leave the past. When someone dies, she’s far more likely to mourn them for all of ten minutes before moving on and she encourages others to do the same.

Allies and Friends

Lily – Trusted friend, but mostly likes her from an inventor’s perspective.

Antia – As Lily, but without the trust.

Zahir – She trusts Zahir, but lacks the respect. While she sees him as a leader, she suspects that he can’t let go of the past.

Gearan – Adopted brother.


Roman Empire – She suspects that Rome will attempt to capture and use her politically or militarily and she’s fundamentally against it.

Loki – She recognizes Loki as an aspect and realizes that he’s interfering with the progression of the world here, which she’s outright against. Because of his interferance, her trust in even her friends is beginning to dip.


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