A young teenager from a small village between Babylon and Judea. He's currently considered Zahir's lieutenant within the Roman Resistance.


Physical Description

Currently lightly built, Gearan stands at just under six feet tall with cropped blonde hair and lightly bronzed skin. Typically clad in a hardened leather vest and leggings, he leaves his arms completely exposed, showing lean muscular arms that are covered in scars. Since his injuries from the job he took from the thieves’ guild, his armor has changed to a gleaming white jacket. Additionally, the scars on his right arm are completely healed.


Mars Village combat style – Expert

Luna Assassination – Average

Light-based magic – Average

Sound-based magic – Low

Body Augmentation magic – Average

Strategy – Very Low

Tactics – Low

Leadership – Very Low

Mass Combat statistics

Gearan counts as a good quality Medium Infantry unit armed with state-of-the-art equipment. He has the “Hero” quality, making him a single unit and, thus, susceptible only to mishaps in mass combat. Further, he is capable of providing recon. Troop Strength: 6



Gearan is often direct and to the point. He doesn’t have the patience to deal with most forms of intrigue. He prefers an honorable approach right up until someone’s life is on the line. Without too much on the line, Gearan remains dedicated, almost obsessed, with perfecting his combat style, which stems from his upbringing in the village that he was raised in. Since Alexander’s death, Gearan has begun to turn cold toward strangers.


Gearan respects strength and valor. Above all, treating someone who’s under your command with respect works well with him. He likes helping the downtrodden and poor, but will not do anything to assist someone who refuses to help themselves. He quickly becomes frustrated with slaves who have no desire for freedom but complain about their situation. If someone refuses to take action to change their lot in life, then he will do nothing to help them.

Finally, he watches how people work with Lilith and how they treat her and reacts accordingly.

Gearan has developed a distaste for nobles and what he calls “proxy leaders” – those who lead people from behind the scenes.

Friends and Allies

Lilith – Adopted sister

Zahir – Commander, potential friend

Lily – He doesn’t really trust Lily at the moment, but Lilith seems to respect her, which is good enough for him.


Roman Empire – While not openly opposed to Rome, he does harbor an inherent distrust of Rome and Romans in general.


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